Dark Days

Just when I thought I was coming off the flip side of stress, my Mom has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer. She came home a week ago on hospice, so I’ve been there pretty much 24/7 since. She likely only has a few days left, so please excuse my absence whilst I deal with not only the care of my mom and the emotions involved in losing her, but the administrative stuff like closing accounts and emptying her apartment. As Betty Draper said in the last episode of Mad Men (paraphrasing): things happen very quickly when someone dies. You have to be ready.

See you soon.


1 thought on “Dark Days”

  1. Oh, I hated to like this. I remember how it was when my Mom passed. So quick, and yet so slow. My deepest water prayers are with you and your family. Honestly and truly. Take all the time you need, we’ll still be here. (Hugs)


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