Hubby is in the hospital again, after a nasty fall that caused terrible back spasms to the point where he couldn’t walk. Never a dull moment around here. It’ll be a week tomorrow, and he still has a week and a half before they will cut him loose, so I’ve been filling the time when I’m not at the hospital with various projects that I’ve been putting off.

My daughter came over today and filed patterns for me whilst I wrangled toddlers, and she made several videos for social media of the gorgeous stuff I bought in Michigan. I’ve spent the evenings familiarizing myself with this newfangled thing called a “TV remote” that I have, up to this point, never been allowed to touch, as it is hubby’s domain. I’ve been watching shows I’ve been wanting to see, but still can’t find a way to watch The Great British Sewing Bee here in the US — and don’t you know I have tried.

I found that the chairs in hubby’s hospital room are terribly uncomfortable and were causing me no end of neck pain, so I decided to work on this little project, to keep me aligned better. It’s a vintage Avon kit — I didn’t even know Avon made needlework kits! It’s called Floral Sentiments Pillow, and I think it’s cute. I found it on Facebook Marketplace, and it came just in time to put me to work. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment every time I finish a square, as opposed to a big project that I may never finish.

I’ve never been a fan of crewel embroidery. I just don’t like how it looks. That being said, my dad did crewel embroidery right up until he died at age 92, and my mom was a flower nut, so it’s a tribute to both of them. Since I don’t like crewel, I will probably pass it along to someone, or perhaps add to things to pass to the grandkids one day, so they can remember dear departed crazy grandma. It gave me a notion to start a hope chest of sorts for the grands, with pillow cases and things, but that probably means that one day my kids will have to clear my house of all of the UFOs (unfinished objects), so perhaps I will rethink it. What do you think?