1950s fashion, sewing, sewing patterns

My Superpower

McCall’s 5185, ©1959

I have a superpower that few can lay claim to. Maybe nobody. This pattern is a prime example. Isn’t it great? I sold it today, and therein lies my power.

For some whacky reason, I will sometimes come across a pattern in my stash. It’s been there a while, or maybe not. Maybe I listed it a looooong time ago (see last post) or maybe I just listed it but it’s one that should’ve sold overnight, as some are wont to do. Either way, it’s in my files and it shouldn’t be. Or maybe I look at it with a new eye and say to myself “wow, that is so cute.” Once in a while I even have the thought of inactivating the listing because I’ve just had it too long. But that little thought? That’s it.

That little thought means that that particular pattern is going to sell within 24 hours, guaranteed. I’m virtually 100% on this. It’s always by happenstance. I just come across it and wonder why I have it, or think to myself that it’s cute and I may as well package it up because it is going.

I’m not sure what causes this particular phenomena. I don’t do this every day. Most days I’m just madly crashing through my files looking for whichever particular beauties are going out the door. Maybe I’m cursing a bit under my breath because yet again, they have gotten out of order. Maybe I’m annoyed because they are in the back of a bottom drawer, and I’m not ready for the gymnastics required to reach that particular pattern, but trust me when I say that I don’t stare longingly at my filed patterns. But once in a while, a spark happens, the angels sing and one just jumps out at me, then BOOM. It sells.

I think the quickest this has happened has been half an hour after I came across it. It averages less than twelve hours from thought to sale, and it can’t be forced. I can’t pray to the patron saint of sewing (who is, if you must know, Saint Tabitha) because believe me, there are days where I’d try. Some days I can’t even run a massive sale to get one out the door (like today – 25% off because yeah, it’s my birthday). I sell all day, every day, but I can’t make it happen. It’s just my little Magic Kingdom and it happens when the stars align and the angels sing.

So that’s my superpower. What’s yours?


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