sewing patterns

The E-van-juh-LEESTA Vibe

Someone emailed me about this pattern today, because like a goofball, I forgot to actually post pictures of it when I listed it on Etsy. Oye vay. These things escape me sometimes. If you saw what things look like around here, you’d understand, as I organize 10,000 patterns. But I digress.

This pattern is a great example of the influence that Linda Evangelista had in the early 90s. Arguably the most beautiful supermodel ever, she dominated the field, especially after she cut her hair short. I have a Vogue pattern that I believe is illustrated with a photo of her (the angle is wrong to be 100% sure), but this drawing definitely has Ms. Evangelista’s vibe.

If you haven’t seen it in the news lately, Ms. Evangelista was disfigured during a beauty treatment, and can’t model anymore. It’s a shame that our fashion industry is so narrow in who they will dress, because she is just as beautiful now as ever. Some might say “well, what’s the big deal? She should stop whining” but if you understood how the fashion industry works and just how narrow their definition of beauty is, you might get some idea of why she is so distressed. Imagine looking in the mirror and not recognizing the body that buys the bread and milk. It’s really sad. That being said, I’m glad that she is speaking out, trying to protect others from what she has gone through. And Ms. Evangelista, if you are listening, you are still more beautiful on your worst day than 99% of women on their best day.

And if you’ve ever seen Pose, Episode 1, Season 1, you will know that Bianca named her iconic drag house the House of Evanglista. Or, as she says “E-van-juh-LEESTA.” ::snaps::


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