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My New Reading List

I finished Jane Eye. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a page turner of a book that kept me from sleeping, but this one was definitely that. Given the fact that I’ve never seen any of the movies associated with it, I had zero idea of how it ended. Wow. What a book. I’ll definitely be keeping it so that I can read it again. I wish I was more of a pensive, watchful Jane Eyre type, but I’m more of a Lizzie Bennet type.

That being said yes, I also finished Pride and Prejudice, and now I am more than a little bitter that no one pushed it on me sooner. Given that I’ve always been a voracious reader, I’m not sure how I didn’t. Being married to someone 18 years older than me gives me a different view of the world, and though I grew up watching old movies, I am realizing now how many I didn’t see, and the same is true for books. Hence, why I am visiting the classics. Pride and Prejudice is the only book in my fifty some years of life that I finished, an immediately wanted to reread. It is just. that. good.

It’s also the only book I’ve ever read on a Kindle. I’ve tried before, but found that I just like having the pages in my hand. I’m a bit sorry that I don’t have an actual copy of the book, because I’d love to easily revisit some passages, but given that the Kindle I have is a first generation, I don’t know if I can do it, and if I can, haven’t figured out how. I will definitely be buying a beautifully bound copy of Pride and Prejudice, so that I can share it with the grandgirls some day.

I’ve seen the Kiera Knightley version of P&P, but not the Colin First one. It’s on my list, but I find it really hard to sit down to watch movies or series, unless I’m watching them with my husband (who probably would balk at watching a period drama like this). I love the Kiera Knightley version, but have heard that Colin Firth’s is the preferred one. I also love Rosamund Pike, and can’t imagine anyone else playing Jane, so there’s that.

We’re off on a LONG awaited vacation next week (don’t worry, it’s very low contact, but I need to get out of here for a break), and I’m taking Gone With the Wind with me. I’ve read it before when I was younger but want to revisit it whilst we are in the South. I’ll probably download another Jane Austen book on the Kindle as well. Which would you recommend?

I leave you with my favorite moment from Pride & Prejudice — the harried craziness when Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy return to the Bennet house. Notice the incredible detail of Mrs Bennet’s gown, which is lost except in closeup. The costumes here are amazing, and rightfully garnered an Oscar nomination. But this scene? It cracks me up every time.


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  1. I love that story, too. I didn’t read it until after I’d seen the old Black and white film of it, though. Growing up, I shunned away from all “romantic” type reading. I was into Star Trek and what we now call classic science fiction… Oh, and Shakespeare, I couldn’t get enough of him.


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