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A Tidbit

Whenever I go to visit my mom, I come home with things. LOTS of things. Lots of random things. I generally toss them into my back seat and then clean out the car when it piles up too high. I’ve been sent home with grapes, potatoes, chicken nuggets, random magazines, bills, family pictures, funeral arrangements, books, love letters — you name it.

Last week when I was visiting, she sent me home with a Reader’s Digest. I grew up reading it. I think it probably helped me learn to read. I liked reading “Drama in Real Life” and “This is Joe’s (insert body part).” The jokes were fun, and I liked challenging myself with the monthly vocabulary test. All of those elements are still there, with the exception of Joe, whose (insert body part) probably gave up long ago.

I was reading through it and came across the vocabulary test. This month, the theme was names, so the words were ones like “Jimmy” and “Sally.” I did not, however, expect this.

My husband grew up attending Pilgrim Congregational Church in Cleveland, a beautiful church with a domed stained glass ceiling created by Tiffany himself. Of course, I went with A. I mean, we have a Tiffany lamp. I also have my grandparents’ Tiffany coffee set, but that wasn’t a choice. A it was.

I was wrong. Look:

What the heck? I’ve never heard of a Tiffany fabric. It’s in Merriam Webster’s dictionary, so it must be true, but I have never seen the term before. There are lots of fabrics and stores named Tiffany, but it’s just a name of the store or the actual product, not a descriptor of the actual fabric itself. I guess I’ll have to keep my eyes open. Let me know if you come across it. I’m off to clean out my car.


3 thoughts on “A Tidbit”

  1. My Granny used to call “Chifon” fabric “tiffany”, it that helps. She was a seamstress back in the 40’s -50’s.


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