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Fabulous Friday: So Pretty

Simplicity 3444.

I came across this pattern this week and just sighed. It’s so softly feminine. What a pretty look for both a wedding dress and a going away dress, back in the day. I imagine it in a soft gray, kind of like it’s shown in the long length, and maybe a pale blue in the shorter version. I can’t stop staring at it.

I question the lace on the collar and pockets in View 1. I think it’s a bridge too far. I questioned the pockets as well, until someone pointed out that it would hold a hankie. I suspect however, that as my mother would say, “they are just for show.” I think that with where they hit on the hip, anything you’d put in them would fall out. Skip the extra lace and the pockets, and get yourself a cute little bag to carry. It’s all you need. This type of dress doesn’t need the extra embellishments.

Am I right? Click here to purchase.


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday: So Pretty”

  1. This is a Beautiful dress. My Granny used to have several of this style in her wardrobe, each subtly different in color and fabric’s ranging from silky soft to standard cotton. i think she could make this from scratch without a pattern. In fact, I seldom saw her use a pattern. I think I even had a dress like this at one time (or maybe I just “borrowed” one of hers.). My middle is too wide for it these days, though.


      1. I was so inspired by your posts today that I went home and spent the day pattern drafting from scratch… a very, very new thing for me. the mockup actually worked, too.


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