I fold, again.

I love pleats, especially tiny detailed ones. I thought I’d share this lovely illustration of different types of pleats, derived from Book 4 of A Modern Course in Home Sewing and Dressmaking, published in 1926, and availabl for download here.

So looking at all of this fancy folded fabric reminds me of a story. My youngest son talks in his sleep. As in, you can hold an entire conversation with him while he’s sound asleep. It may not make any sense whatsoever, but he will definitely tell you things. It’s legendary among those who know hi Some years back when he was about ten, we took a cruise through the Panama Canal. The kids had a fine time and spent a lot of time in the library playing poker amongst themselves (my oldest was really into Texas Hold ’em at the time. The cruise was just after Christmas, and he’d gotten cards and chips as a gift, so he took them along.) On the plane ride home from San Diego, the youngest sat next to me. He had been running like mad for two weeks, and fell soundly asleep as soon as we were airborne. An hour or two later, he suddenly sat up with a disgusted look on his face, looked me straight in the eye and said with a sigh “I fold…….again.” Then he laid his head down and slept the rest of the flight without incident. It still cracks me up fifteen years later.


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